During the last decade we've seen a lot of vanues, stages, perfect crowd, while touring 'cross Austria - but as a fact this level has not fullfilled our expectations we decided to go that one step further and the result:

...Under Authority => the austrian rock-band... in cooporation with the german top-producer Oliver Pinelli and co-producer Wolfger Buchberger we've made our dreams come true by recording fucking great rock-songs - five of them to be released on our brand new EP! ...destination of this journey will lead us to a full album, a genious tour as well as to the most enthusiastic fans ever... ...under authority is on fire and therefore we want you to STAND UP FOR R'n'R

Uwe Mike Harry Clemens
Uwe Schön aka „Vince“ => vox, guitar …if you’ll find just one hair of him on stage – your meet&greet is for granted… Michael Twardy aka „MikeT“ => bass …as soon as you’re under one of his beanies, you’re one step further than meet&greet… Harald Grasser aka „Gimi“ or „G-spot Harry“ => guitar. gives us the drive and keeps the spirit of Jimi Hendrix alive… Clemens Frauendorfer aka „Frank the Tank“ => drums …no bald-head, no beanie and no guitar – still baking bread and supposed to be not so bad in bed…
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